Palm Springs Life Magazine

Brad Klopman featured in the April article “The High Desert Airbnb Game”

“Brad Klopman knows how to create an attractive vacation rental property. It's his business. As founder of The Cohost Company, he partners with homeowners and cash-flow investors to manage and market their tricked-out spaces scattered around Joshua Tree, Pioneertown, and Yucca Valley. Through his Cohost Collective community of properties, Klopman is cultivating a brand of rentals his guests can trust. "I cater to both groups," he explains. "For hosts, I maximize occupancy. I help them curate the experience for potential renters all the way from the pre-construction or remodel phase through guest check-in and check-out. We create a boutique hotel experience in a private home framework, then market it through social media. Each home has its own identity and its own Instagram account. If guests have a good experience at one Cohost Collective property, they know they'll get a good experience at another."

The Airbnb Entrepreneur podcast

Brad Klopman interviewed in the episode “Getting ahead with a bit of Airbnb Humor”

“After realizing Airbnb Facebook groups had humor sprinkled all over them from hosts all around the world, The Cohost Company founder, Brad Klopman, started his own Facebook group, "Airbnb Humor". In this episode, we explore not only what is cracking up Airbnb hosts, but also on a more serious note, what it takes to get ahead as an Airbnb entrepreneur. Featuring Airbnb Entrepreneur podcast host, Rachel Prince and Brad Klopman.”

Matt Landau’s “Unlocked” Podcast

Starship Landing owner Kristi Kautz Interviewed

”Kristi Kautz used to work in the digital entertainment space, so she was familiar with the world of influencers before her property manager Brad Klopman of The Cohost Company suggested offering a few free nights to some instagram influencers in exchange for a fresh set of photos. The tactic ended up becoming a way to unlock their vacation rental, Starship Landing Retreat, to the right kinds of travelers.”

The Connect Magazine

Cactus Moon Retreat and Brad Klopman Featured

The Cohost Company is thrilled to announce Cactus Moon Retreat was featured in The Connect Magazine's summer 2018 issue! On newsstands now or via the links below.

"Although Post’s essence is strongest in the house, Brad Klopman, her business partner and co-host, who is also husband to Morgan, is most directly involved in working with the guests to customize their unique experiences. “We started out on Airbnb first, but it was always Caron’s intention for it to be a retreat space. We don’t really create packages. It’s pretty much a blank slate for everyone because we want to be able to allow them to create an experience unique to them. We leave it as an open book for them to write their own story,” he says.

Klopman reflects upon a vast personality of transformations had over the years — from women who felt discomfort in their new postpartum bodies and were able to regain their confidence and wean their babies from breastfeeding, to men and women who felt stuck in unfulfilling careers and were able to return to a magical place within themselves that revealed their true longings.

Klopman recalls, during the most recent Desert Reset weekend, when two long-time women friends traveled great distances to join them. One of the women felt claustrophobic and trapped inside of a career she resented. She needed something to help her discover layers of herself she could no longer access. She dragged her childhood friend along with her, but this friend felt it was a pointless venture. She wasn’t ready to be present or to give the experience any sort of credence. But, after being in the vicinity of its beauty and tranquility, something about that space changed her mind. “The one who was dragged there — she was quiet at first and didn’t seem like she wanted to be there. But, over that weekend, she had the most transformation of anyone in the group. She had all of these revelations about her life, and realized all of these ways she was holding herself back. It was an incredible experience for her,” says Klopman."

La Palme Magazine

Starship Landing in the article “We Have Arrived, A Desert Encounter”

”Are you constantly seeking adventure?  I am delighted to share that even in the dead of summer you can find abundant adventure within a 3 hour drive east of LA. Yucca Valley, Pioneertown and Joshua Tree have so much to offer for the weekend warrior in you.  It’s worth the drive to the great escape compound called Starship Luna, at the Starship Landing hosted by The Cohost Company.  This is not the first time I have sought out properties by The Cohost Company, but I will tell you this place is luxury desert dwelling.  A design dream, Starship Luna has everything you need for a comfortable weekend. Plush furnishing, abundant A/C, hot tub, and enough outdoor space for small gatherings and events.  The best part about this outer space cosmic themed compound is its location. Close enough you can jump to and from so many day trip excursions within Joshua Tree, Pioneertown or Palm Springs.  Not that you would even need to leave Starship Luna, because its fully loaded with lots of throwback activities that make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a modern time warp of alien kitch with a luxe twist.”