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Founded by Brad Klopman, Joshua Tree's Most Experienced Airbnb Property Manager since 2014




We run your Airbnb like its own business while you earn passive income,
at the same time providing 5-star full service property management services.

Successfully operating an optimized short-term rental takes expertise, time, and money. 
Why hassle with doing it yourself when our services pay for themselves?

Marketing Services

Logo design
Consulting & design services
Detailed analytics
Full Social Media Services

Hosting Services

Listing optimization
Dynamic personalized rate setting
Guest communication
(before, during, and after their stay)
Screening guests
Writing reviews
Handling deposits
Multi-calendar coordination
24/7 emergency contact
Detailed house manuals

Property Management

Supply management and ordering
Landscape services
Repair and maintenance services
Cleaning coordination
Improvements and contractor services

Renovations & Upgrades

Hot tubs / Cowboy tubs
Outdoor showers
Custom fire-pits
Wooden decks
Concrete patios
Hammock circles
Horseshoe pits
Detailed landscaping
and more





Brad has a long history of branding and marketing Airbnbs in the Joshua Tree area, including naming, logo design and overall strategy for what type of vacation rental the owner has in mind. Sometimes the owner comes to the table with ideas Brad helps develop into the perfect name and identity, or he formulates the right names entirely on his own. Brad has developed an irrefutable 8-point method for determining the perfect name for your vacation rental. He will work closely with you to make sure you love the name of your vacation rental and that it maximizes your marketing efforts.

Social Media

We run your social media entirely to help drive traffic and build up your brand. This includes creating the pages, posting, interacting with followers, etc.






Professional Photography

Have a new listing? Our professional photographers will take eye catching photos for use on multiple rental platforms. High quality images are paramount to getting user views and boosting revenue. We also offer drone video and photography as well as in-home video tours to take your listing to the next level. 

Logo Design

With a BA degree in film and editing, and a history of graphic design, Brad has an eye for aesthetic detail that has helped him to develop dozens of logos. After the name is set, the logo process begins. This is a top tier offer that really helps create a true identity and brand for your investment property. 


The Cohost Company helps you create a branded vacation rental experience. Your house, your brand, your identity. The Joshua Tree market is a unique market in that all of the houses are not the same. The houses stand alone with their brand front and center. With Brad's long history of branding and marketing vacation rentals in the High Desert, he will help steer you in the right direction to have the best possible chance for success in this crowded, but exciting, market.


The Cohost Company's motto is partnering with homeowners, not taking over, so we want your short-term vacation rental business to stand out on its own with a branded website.


Detailed Analytics

The Cohost Company will not only help market and brand your property, as well as book renters and ensure they have a good stay, but we will help with all of the backend analytical aspects of the business. From spreadsheets on your competitors and their nighty rates, to detailed revenue projections and tracking expenses. We look at the data to help cut costs and raise revenue. Afterall, we know this is a business for you and we aim to get you the most of out it.

Consulting & Design Services

Starting up a short term rental can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Let The Cohost Company help you optimize your listing from Day 1, ensuring you make the most from your listing. Some of The Cohost Company’s areas of expertise include: interior design consulting, listing setup, finding short-term rental properties, real estate services, pricing, marketing, social media, multi-channel listing, and operations.              

Booking Management



Dynamic Personalized Rate Setting

Brad uses a variety of pricing metrics and algorithms, and brings a long history of pricing nights in the Joshua Tree area to ensure you are getting the most possible revenue out of your listing. We don't use "automated" or "smart" pricing, which rely too heavily on the pricing of others in the area, overtime that only lowers everyone's rates as the competition grows.

The Cohost Company is unique in that we provide a deeply personal touch to pricing to ensure it's both competitive and allows for maximization on your return. "Smart" pricing can't determine if being close to the Integratron helps, or if having a hot tub and cowboy tub is better than an outdoor shower, or how you stack up against other houses in your league that aren't just "2 bedrooms / 2 bath".

Nightly rate pricing changes constantly ensuring each night is booked at its ideal price!

Screening Guests

It's not always easy letting strangers into your home, which is why The Cohost Company helps ensure your house is protected by screening all guests before arrival. Not only do we enforce the platform screening options, but we take it one step further and find as much information as we can on the renter to make sure they are who they say they are. We also look out for companies trying to skirt photoshoots fees. 

Detailed House Binder

In a perfect world, your renter would never need to reach out with any questions. They would have access to a binder with every answer they might need. If they ask a new question, we add it into the binder that day. Think of it as an owner's manual for your house. We not only spend hours crafting the perfect binder, but we print them on stylish full-bleed binders to ensure a quality product. 

Listing Optimization

The Cohost Company will optimize your listing to appear as high as possible on Airbnb search results, getting you the most views and the most revenue possible for your property. This doesn't just mean perfect photos, it includes every square inch of the platform to make sure there is no wasted opportunity to optimize your listing. Not only does Brad have ties to market research and data analytics at Airbnb, he has studied what makes a listing pop and how it can rise above the rest. Brad has also scrutinized the greater Joshua Tree market and the ever changing art of Airbnb SEO in order to focus on getting your listing booked with high occupancy rates. 

Guest Communication

We are available 24/7 to communicate with your guests. The Cohost Company is committed to responding on time and making sure your guests are taken care of. We provide check-in and check-out instructions, concierge service, and are there in case of need or emergency. When you use The Cohost Company, you have complete peace of mind that your property is being taken care of and your guests are having a 5-star stay.   

Multi-Listing Coordination

Even though the Joshua Tree market is primarily Airbnb, we know how important it is to be on all the listing sites availble. After we get a good kickstart on Airbnb, The Cohost Company will create listings for your house on several other listing sites and maximize the traffic viewing your property.

24/7 Emergency Contact 

We also offer 24/7 emergency contact support so you can rest assured your renter is being taken care of at all times. It's crucial to the renter's experience that they feel they can get a hold of someone at anytime. We are that someone.

Property Management



Cleaning Coordination

The Cohost Company provides a complete turnover service in addition to your standard cleaning. Our turnover specialists not only clean your unit with utmost attention to detail, but also provide feedback on every visit, ensuring our hosts have complete peace of mind. Our goal is to earn every stay a 5-star review and earn you the most money for your property. We also provides linen solutions for your home. We believe that professionally cleaned linens are essential to providing an excellent guest experience and have all linens washed and folded fresh for each stay. 

Landscape Services

Having someone physically on the property taking care of it is crucial. The cleaners take care of the inside, and we ensure the outside is just as taken care of as well. We create detailed checklists for our property managers to follow and regularly inspect their work to make sure it's top quality. We can also manage landscapers to keep your property pristine. 

Supply Management Services

Stocking and supplying an Airbnb takes a lot of work. We make sure you are getting the best price for all your supplies and keeping track of the stock as you go along. We have checklists and suggestions for everything from towels, to forks, to cleaning supplies. 

Repair & Maintenance Coordination

From changing a lightbulb to larger fixes, The Cohost Company take care of basic property maintenance tasks and will be on call throughout your guest’s stay. Sit back and relax. We got this!

General Contractor Services / Renovations

Sometimes a property will need some heavy improvement after being purchased. We have a team of contractors to help get the job done. From kitchen remodels, to hot tubs, to firepits, you name it, we can get it done!

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